CAIS Families,

As most of you are aware, The Clackamas Academy of Industrial Sciences Board of Directors approved a decision this past year to align our calendar with the Clackamas Community College academic calendar for 2015-16. This change will enable many more students to complete certifications or an associate degree while in high school. Many on our staff and staff members within the Oregon City School District have worked hard to make this calendar work for our students. Important dates for next year’s academic calendar can be seen at the link below.

I apologize for the later than expected release of our 2015-16 academic calendar. We had the calendar ready to be published at the end of June, but encountered a conflict with our graduation ceremony date at the last minute. We didn’t want families to make plans and have to change them, so we postponed publishing the calendar. Today, we were able to finalize the date and location for graduation.

Many of the important dates listed do not include times for the events (i.e. registration, parent night, etc.). We will be posting specific times and details for those events in early August. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at registration. Enjoy the remainder of your summer!

Take Care,

Kyle Laier, Principal