Please bring NEW, UNOPENED food items from the list below between now and December 11th to CAIS and students can earn the chance to see teachers and staff members get a pie in the face!

This food will feed Oregon City High School, CAIS, Jackson Prep and OCSLA students.

Thank you for your generosity!


Acceptable Items

Chicken or Tuna (pouch or can)

Instant Rice or Potatoes (cups or pouch)

Nut Butters (individual servings or small jars)

Protein Bars/Lower Sugar Granola Bars

Lower Sugar Fruit Cups

Cans or Pouches of Chili, Soup, Stew etc.

Instant Oatmeal (pouches or cups)

Crackers/Cookies (individual packages)

100% Fruit Juice (pouches or boxes)

Small, Individual Boxes of Cereal

Small Cartons of Shelf Stable Milks

Mac and Cheese (cup or pouch)

Instant Noodles (cup or pouch)

Bottled Water