Contact Head Secretary: Arvira Matagarza  or call 503-785-7860

This e-mail address may be used for attendance issues such as:

  • Excusing absences (parent e-mails will be confirmed)
  • Pre-excusing vacations/appointments/college visits/etc.
  • Changing student information-phone #’s, addresses, emergency contacts, etc.


Daily attendance in all classes is required for all students between the ages 7 and 18 years who have not completed the 12th grade (ORS 339.010). Students are expected to attend school daily and to be on time. Every effort should be made to avoid having students out of scheduled classes. For a student to receive their Statement of Enrollment for the DMV, their attendance must be 92% or higher.


Pre-Excused Absence Form (pdf)

We do not accept handwritten notes from parents for attendance!

  • If a student needs to leave campus for an appointment the parent needs to call or email the attendance office prior to the student leaving campus.
  • If a student is marked absent by mistake it is the student’s responsibility to contact the teacher and clear the absence off his/her record.
  • Students arriving more than 5 minutes late to school must check in at the attendance office.
  • More than 30 minutes late is considered an absence.
  • Excessive absences will negatively impact a student’s grade.
  • After 10 consecutive absences, a student will be dropped from school registration. Students have to re-enroll and register at CAIS. If a student is withdrawn and their grade level is at its cap, the student will be on a waiting list to re-enroll.

Attendance Procedures

An automated call system will begin each evening at 5:00pm. The system will notify parents if a student has an unexcused absent or tardy for one or more periods during the day.

  • It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to update the attendance office with current home and work phone numbers.
  • Students are expected to obtain make-up assignments from the teacher and to complete the assigned work by the date the teacher sets.
  • A parent or guardian will be contacted before releasing a sick student to go home.
  • The student must have a dismissal slip from the attendance office before leaving campus.
  • Failure to check out with the attendance office will result in a written referral to the Dean of Students.

Leaving School Early

Students cannot leave school without a prior call from their legal parent or guardian to the attendance office. The attendance office will then deliver to the student a dismissal slip to excuse them to leave campus at the appropriate time. The student must have a dismiss slip from the attendance office before leaving campus.

Students who are 18 years old are still required to have parental permission to leave campus or to miss school.

Arriving to School Late

A student arriving to school late (more than 15 minutes) may only be excused from their missed class(es) for one of the below reasons and by a phone call (or personal appearance) from their legal parent or guardian upon, or prior to, the student’s arrival at school. Students will be required to receive an admit slip from the attendance office before they are admitted to class. We encourage students to keep their copy of their late arrival/early dismissal slip for their own record.

Excused Absences

Absences may only be excused by a building administrator or designated school district employee (ORS 339.065). Oregon City School District defines reasons for an “excused absence” as:

  • Illness of a family member
  • Student illness or injury
  • The death of a family member
  • Family emergency of an unforeseen nature
  • Absences for other reasons that are excused in advance by the school administrator

To request that an absence be excused, a student’s legal parent or guardian needs to contact the attendance office. The request for the excuse should be done ahead of time (if possible) or on the day of the student’s absence. Requests to excuse absence can be left on the voice mail of the attendance office 24 hours a day.

Unexcused Absences

Any absence from school without parent consent, that doesn’t meet the attendance guidelines, or leaving campus any time during the school day without following school procedures will be counted as unexcused.

Some examples of unexcused absences include:

  • Leaving school without signing out at the attendance office.
  • Being absent from school without permission of parents.
  • Being absent from class without permission.
  • Obtaining a pass to go to a certain location on campus and not reporting there.
  • Becoming ill and going home or staying in the restroom instead of reporting to the heath center.
  • Failing to attend a scheduled assembly.
  • Falsifying parental call to attendance office.
  • Failing to verify an absence before the returning to school.
  • Involvement in a class “skip” day.
  • Students who have an unexcused absence may receive the following consequences:
    • A phone call and/or email will be made/sent to parents alerting them about the student’s absence from school.
    • Community service or academic intervention may be assigned following their unexcused absence.
    • Three or more instances of unexcused absences will result in a referral to the Dean of Students to discuss creating a plan to avoid future unexcused absences.

Habitual Absences

Oregon City School District and State of Oregon defines “habitual absence” as “a student whose combined excused and unexcused absences exceed eight (8) percent of all school days year-to-date.”

  • The Dean of Students will conference with a student if a pattern of excessive tardies or absences is observed.
  • If attendance issues persist, the Dean of Students will contact the parent about the problem and refer the student to a counselor and/or administrator.
  • Persistent attendance issues will be reported to the Oregon City Police Department and Municipal Court. Parents will be sent a letter.
  • Continued attendance issues will result in a court appearance and possible fine for the parent and student.

Classroom Attendance Procedures

  • The teacher will take attendance each period in the first 15 minutes and keep an accurate accounting.
  • The teacher will provide practical and appropriate make-up assignments for students who have missed class and have the absence excused. It is the student’s responsibility to ask for the assignments.

Administrative Attendance Procedures

  • An automated call home will be made each time a student is absent or tardy from class.
  • The schools Intervention Team tracks students with 3 or more absences in a four week period
  • Dean of Students communicates with student and parent if absences continue.
  • When student absences are out of compliance with state law, the Dean of Students will refer the student to the Principal to initiate the Oregon City Attendance Court Process.

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