Students are required to earn 26 credits to graduate with a standard Clackamas Academy of Industrial Sciences diploma.  Credit Requirements are defined by units of credit. Students earn 0.5 credit for each trimester course passed. The CAIS board will award a diploma to a CAIS student fulfilling graduation requirements in four years or less upon the student successfully meeting all graduation requirements. (For more information please refer to the Academic Program Guide 2015)

Early Graduation:

The determination to graduate one/two trimesters early or a year early is a big decision.  It is a clear expectation that students remain in school for four years.  However, recognizing that there are unique circumstances and a diverse population, some students may want to complete high school in less than four years.  Students who want to participate in graduation ceremonies are required to complete the early graduation packet.  Whether the plan is for the student to pursue post-secondary education, work, military, or vocational training, we want to provide a clear structure and a smooth transition.

Please print off and complete in full the following packet. Students may obtain assistance from their counselor. It must be turned in and approved before Early Graduation is completed.