Each year soon after we return from Spring Break we begin the forecasting and schedule development process for the following year. The Academic Program Guide (APG) below contains information for students and parents regarding Grading & Credit policies, Graduation Requirements, PSAT/SAT testing, College Entrance requirements, Personalized Learning Requirements and Clackamas Community College opportunities as well as Course descriptions for classes offered through CAIS. The forms below are required for forecasting.  There will be evening Forecasting Nights to assist you with this forecasting process. Feel free to call or email one of our counselors if you have any further questions regarding the scheduling process for the next school year.

Forecasting sheets and Education Plans are due by Wednesday, April 15th, 2015.

Academic Program Guide 2015

If you are a new student to CAIS and are not within the Oregon City School District boundaries, you will need to complete an OCSD Student Registration Form and Enrollment Questionnaire. If you are currently an OCSD student and transferring to CAIS you will need to complete a CAIS Enrollment Form 1516 or CAIS Intent to Enroll 1617.


An Education Plan is required for schools to have with each of their students. This should be read and filled out by the student, from their own thoughts and opinions. Please take a few moments to fill this out and return it with your forecasting if you are new or transfer student and have not completed this process with a CAIS counselor.  Students can also work with their counselor on completing this form.

Education Plan


If a student is planning on graduating early, this packet must be filled out. If you are a Sophomore hoping/planning on graduating one entire year early, it needs to be completed by the end of your Sophomore year. If you are a Sophomore or Junior hoping to graduate one to two trimesters early, it needs to be completed one year early, or by the end of your Junior year. Your counselor will be able to answer any questions you may have about this process.