Mike Schultz – TEACHER

English Literature and Communications

In his 6th year at CAIS, Mr. Schultz teaches English 8, Speech and Presentations, Science Fiction Literature, and Tech Writing. Mike received his Bachelor’s from the University of Maine, then spent the next decade fixing computers in the corporate world. He returned to school after The Great Recession to obtain his Master’s from Portland State University and has been teaching for nine years.
Mike lives with his wife, two small dogs, an old cat, and occasionally one of his children who wander in. During the summer months he works as an usher for the Hillsboro Hops single-A baseball team. When not compelled to finish home projects he enjoys riding his motorcycle and collecting fountain pens. Recently he began building what can only be described as “Franken-Greenhouse,” and if that hasn’t begun to annoy his neighbors, he is learning to play the drums.